So, How Do I Push My Baby Out?

Birth, Baby and Life: What You Need to Know About Pushing Your Baby Out

Why this podcast?
Whilst pondering which podcast episode to feature this week, I discovered that whilst I had subscribed to the Birth, Baby and Life podcast, I had not yet listened to a single episode. A whole new, unexplored set of podcast episodes, perfect!

Birth, Baby and Life is hosted by Kristen Burgess who introduces herself as someone who has loved babies since she herself was a baby.
Brought up seeing babies born by cesarean and formula fed, Kristen started reading about physiological, undisturbed birth as a teenager and a whole new world opened up for her.

Top 10 Foods for Pregnancy

Preggie Pals: Top 10 Foods to Eat while Pregnant

Why this podcast?
Listening to this podcast is fun. It’s like someone put a recording device in your living room while you had your girlfriends over for coffee.
Although the approach is pretty lighthearted this podcast covers a real range of areas relating to pregnancy and birth and there is some really sound information along with the giggles.

You may remember that the first time I featured this podcast I did a bit of a double whammy in that I focussed on not one, but two episodes. The first, covering breech birth was so informative that I had to feature it and the second, ”Ten Pregnancy Questions You’re too Embarrassed to Ask” just had to be included.

Unforgettable Doula Moments

Birthful: 10 Unforgettable Doula Moments

Why this podcast?
This podcast is great for getting info on a whole bunch of different topics related to pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I have featured this podcast twice before – Your Own Personal Birth Fairy and Family-Centred Cesareans, so I won’t bore you with all of the details, all over again.
Suffice to say that the host, Adriana Lozada, a doula, author and postpartum educator, is enthusiastic, experienced and bubbly and with over one hundred episodes you will definitely find a whole lot of information to –

So Much Stuff!

Due Date: A lot of stuff – not all for baby (via soundcloud)

Via itunes

Why this podcast?
As has happened a lot recently, I found this podcast by accident whilst researching a different podcast.
I was immediately struck by how different it is from any I have featured so far.

Ashley May, who works for USA Today, takes you on a journey through her pregnancy.
It’s just like watching a documentary about someone’s life except, of course, you are listening instead of watching.

Ashley acts as a kind of narrator but you also get to listen to her talking to her partner, family and friends.
This also means that you listen in to various pieces of advice and opinions from those close to her and you will need to sift through these yourself to see which you take in and which you leave by the wayside.

Due Dates are Dumb!

Pregnancy Confidential: Week 34 – Due Dates are Dumb!

Why this podcast?
This podcast stood out for me in terms of its style. It’s hosted by editors from Parenting and Fit Pregnancy and Baby magazines and consists of a series of thirty-two episodes designed to be listened to week by week.

It’s a little similar to Preggie Pals, which I featured in this post, in that it is hosted by a small group of women who chat, laugh and share information for your pregnancy and birth as well as personal experiences.

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