VBAC and Uterine Rupture: What are the Facts?

The VBAC Link – Uterine Rupture Facts & Perspective

Why this podcast?
The VBAC Link is an absolute must if you are planning a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). With over a hundred episodes of birth stories and evidence-based information, this has become a firm favourite of mine.

The VBAC Link is also so much more than a podcast.

The hosts, Julie and Meagan, VBAC parents themselves, have created online VBAC courses for both parents and doulas as well as a blog series that covers all aspects of a VBAC journey and a wonderfully supportive VBAC community.

Home Birth After 35?

Bellies to BirthCast – Choosing Homebirth After 35

Why this podcast?
The Bellies to BirthCast has not been featured on this blog yet. I think the main reason is that there are only six episodes and that just didn’t seem like a whole lot to choose from.

It is also focused on natural birth and I guess I didn’t want to exclude anyone if that is not their thing.

I figured, however, that it was time to explore this podcast and I was surprised to discover that Bellies to BirthCast is the podcast from Giving Birth Naturally.

VBAC Facts: Once a C-section, always a C-section??

Dr. Stu’s Podcast: Episode 68 – Facts R Us

Why this podcast?
If you read my post ”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’‘ you may remember a reference to Dr. Stu’s Podcast. That was also the first I had heard of it so a few days after writing that post I decided to check it out. Before I delve into that experience I need to go off on a sidetrack. Just a quick one, I promise!

My husband keeps telling me that I need to be more critical in my posts. Not negative but just have a few more criticisms in there for balance. I have to admit that I find that hard because, so far, I have nothing but huge amounts of bubbling enthusiasm for these podcasts and the knowledge that they bring.

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