Mini Package

The Mini Package is exactly that!

Three video calls of sixty minutes each for you to use whenever you want, to discuss whatever you want.

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Have you come out of a prenatal appointment feeling lost, confused or out of control? Do you have a million doubts and anxieties in your head but cannot seem to voice them to your care provider?

We can talk everything through and I can help you to put together questions so that you approach your next appointment with confidence and leave with your questions answered.

Do you feel at a loss with how to create your birth vision?

I can help you to think about the kind of birth experience you want and which elements are important to you.

Hannah – Together With You
”Emily is supporting me just now – via her “Mini Package” – and she is so full of knowledge and really helping me prepare mentally for a hospital birth.
I’d definitely recommend a chat with her.”

 Do you feel you are being pushed into a decision that doesn’t feel right for you?

I can support you in finding evidence-based information and encourage you to feel empowered to have informed, open conversations with your care-provider and reach the right decision together.

Maybe you simply need a listening ear and some non-judgemental support.

Whether you are at the beginning of your pregnancy, close to birth time or postpartum, I will be there for you.

Mini package

3 x 60 minute video calls

1250 SEK*

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For those who wish to utilise doula support only occasionally an hourly rate may be more beneficial:

– One 60 minute video call: 425 SEK*

If you would like to learn more or discuss how these services could work for you, I welcome you to get in touch.

*Because both The Mini Package and one-off calls are virtual, they will also work well for those living outside of Sweden.