Preparing Your Mindset for Birth

The Fear Free Childbirth Podcast: Preparing Your Mindset for Birth

Why this podcast?
Whilst writing the post ”Family-Centred Cesareans” I discovered The Fear Free Childbirth Podcast and, as most podcasts I have listened to so far have been U.S. based, I was both pleased and surprised to find that this one was British.
When I delved further, I found it to be an interesting mix of real life, positive birth stories, wisdom from birthing professionals and tips for reducing your childbirth fears.

Bustin’ Some Myths

The Pregnancy Podcast: Episode 76 – Common Pregnancy, Birth & Breastfeeding Myths

Why this podcast?
As this is the third time I have featured an episode from The Pregnancy Podcast I think it is pretty obvious that I am a huge fan.


Evidence-based information on pretty much any pregnancy or birth related topic you can think of given in an entertaining, structured and easy to follow way. Oh, and all of this in episodes of thirty minutes or less.

What’s not to love?

One of my first posts, Get me an epidural!!!!!! Or………. not??? lays out all the ins and outs of this podcast in a lot of detail (I mean A LOT of detail) so if you would like to swat up on The Pregnancy Podcast that would be a good post to check out.

Family-Centred Cesareans

Birthful: Episode 50 – Family-Centred Cesareans

Why this podcast?
With over a hundred episodes covering a huge range of pregnancy, birth and postpartum topics, this podcast is a great one to return to again and again.
The host, Adriana Lozada, is warm, bubbly and so enthusiastic that as well as being packed with great info each episode is also really entertaining to listen to.

Adriana is not only the host of this podcast but also a birth doula, postpartum educator, writer and author.

How to write your birth story

The Cord: Episode 27 – How to write your birth story

Why this podcast?
”Birth is a human rights issue”
This is the byline that you hear at the beginning of each episode of The Cord and the theme of your rights as a pregnant and birthing woman runs throughout this podcast.

I find that incredibly important and it’s one of the things that keeps bringing me back to The Cord.

The Cord is comprised of interviews with experts on pregnancy, birth, postnatal and parenting issues. Many different subjects are covered including pregnancy fitness, male midwives, homebirth and breastfeeding. I know you will find some fantastic episodes to inspire you.

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