How To Love Your Birth – However It Looks

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How To Love Your Birth – The Expectful Podcast

Why this podcast?
I had heard about Expectful pretty often whilst listening to podcasts. I knew that they offered guided meditation for fertility, pregnancy and motherhood but had not realised there was also a podcast!

Once I subscribed there was an episode that grabbed my attention immediately.

The host, Anna Gannon, is a new mum, yoga teacher, Expectful’s community guide and writer. She says that the guided meditations she used during a difficult time in her pregnancy helped her so much that she wanted to join the team.

Finding Balance

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The Balance & Motherhood Podcast – A Practical and Insanely Effective Approach to Finding BALANCE for Mamas
(episode 004)

Why this podcast?
You may remember that back in September I published this post about the Doing It At Home podcast. Hosted by married couple Matthew and Sarah Bivens, the DIAH podcast takes you on their journey to home birth.

I am a little bit addicted to that podcast and LOVE how open and honest both Matthew and Sarah are about their journey into birth, parenting and their relationship in general. The DIAH podcast also features a whole bunch of home birth stories from families who have listened to Matthew and Sarah’s story and been inspired to share their own.

The Low Down On Interventions

The Pregnancy Podcast – Interventions

Why this podcast?
The Pregnancy Podcast was a huge part of my inspiration for creating this blog.
I loved how I could get evidence-based, well-researched information given in a super relaxed, easy to listen to style in episodes of thirty minutes or less.

Is there much more to say?

How does it look?
There are actually three different styles of episodes.
Forty weeks gives you information about what’s happening with you and your baby in each week of your pregnancy. These episodes are five minutes.

Rock Your Birth

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Rockstar Birth Radio – Positive Caesarean Birth

Why this podcast?
Maybe it’s because I’m a doula and super interested in all things birth but I get a lot of photos and links pop up on my social media from Rockstar Birth Magazine.

I love their photos of birthing mothers, they are so richly powerful, beautiful and often intense.

I had no idea, however, that there was also a Rockstar Birth Radio, in other words, a podcast!

Excited much?

The host, Shalome Stone, who also started the Rock Your Birth Academy, asks if you want to remain in fear of birth –

10 Reasons To Love Being Pregnant

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Fear Free Childbirth Podcast – 30 Reasons Why I Love Being Pregnant

Why this podcast?
I decided to revisit this podcast as I think it is such a great resource for pregnant women. The host, Alexia Leachman, overcame tokophobia, an extreme fear of pregnancy and childbirth, and created this podcast to help others in the same situation.

Alexia is a therapist, speaker and pregnancy coach who wrote ”Fearless Birthing: How to have a stress-free pregnancy and a positive fear-free birth”.

Luckily, not too many women will experience tokophobia but many will carry some fears or anxieties surrounding pregnancy and birth. How fantastic that this resource is there to support and help.

So, What About AFTER You Have The Baby?

The Postpartum Podcast – The Power of Podcast and Social Media and New Motherhood

Why this podcast?
The Postpartum Podcast is one I’ve subscribed to for a while but haven’t written about yet.

I think that’s simply because, being a birth doula, I tend to focus on pregnancy and birth but the postpartum period, especially the immediate postpartum, is really a part of birth too.

Many of you will have heard of the 4th Trimester Bodies Project. This project is dedicated to –

Will Your Older Children Attend Your Birth?

Jul 4th, 2017 General, Natural Birth, Siblings emilywills 15 min read

The Pregnancy Podcast – Q&A: Siblings at the Birth of a New Baby

Why this podcast?
I know, I know, The Pregnancy Podcast is making quite a few appearances on this blog but I just couldn’t resist this episode and, it’s a Q&A episode, which I haven’t featured before so I just kind of, well, went for it.

If you have read my other posts featuring The Pregnancy Podcast (epidurals, creating your birth cave, bustin’ some myths and when birth doesn’t go as planned) then you will know why I love it so much.

The Truth About Exercising Whilst Pregnant

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Healthy Births, Happy Babies – The Truth About Exercising Whilst Pregnant (via iTunes)

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Why this podcast?
There is so much information and content to be found in this podcast that it’s a great one to come back to now and then.

Therefore, Healthy Births, Happy Babies, is appearing for the third time.

If you would like to read the previous posts, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and Floating, please click on the links and let me know what you think.

The Healthy Births, Happy Babies podcast is sponsored by The Cap Wellness Centre in California and aims to share –

When Birth Doesn’t Go As Planned

Jun 6th, 2017 General, Postpartum Depression emilywills 13 min read

The Pregnancy Podcast: When Birth Does Not Go As Planned

Why this podcast?

Because I love this podcast.

I was scrolling through the more recent Pregnancy Podcast episodes to choose something to listen to in the kitchen and I found this episode. I knew I wanted to feature it here but I wasn’t sure if I could feature the Pregnancy Podcast for the fourth time!

Then I realised, of course I could!

This podcast was the first birth podcast I ever listened to.
It has added to the knowledge gained from my doula studies and it was my inspiration for starting this blog.

So, How Do I Push My Baby Out?

May 29th, 2017 General, Natural Birth emilywills 11 min read

Birth, Baby and Life: What You Need to Know About Pushing Your Baby Out

Why this podcast?
Whilst pondering which podcast episode to feature this week, I discovered that whilst I had subscribed to the Birth, Baby and Life podcast, I had not yet listened to a single episode. A whole new, unexplored set of podcast episodes, perfect!

Birth, Baby and Life is hosted by Kristen Burgess who introduces herself as someone who has loved babies since she herself was a baby.
Brought up seeing babies born by cesarean and formula fed, Kristen started reading about physiological, undisturbed birth as a teenager and a whole new world opened up for her.

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