My name is Emily, I’m 39 and a certified birth doula. I’m also a runner (not a good one but I try), a mum to 3 little ones aged 9, 7 & 4 (enough said there) and am married to a Swede. Originally from the UK I spent an amazing 13 years in The Netherlands and am now based in Stockholm.

I believe that birth can be both beautiful and empowering and I’d love to support you in having the birth experience that YOU want.

Imagine looking forward to your birth with joy and feeling confident and positive before, during and after your little one arrives.

I can support you in finding evidence-based resources so that you can make informed choices and I will be there to offer physical support during labour and birth.

Most importantly, I am there to support you emotionally. I will be with you during your labour and will bring with me an unwavering belief in you and your ability to birth your baby, whatever that means for you.