Preggie Pals

Mar 28th, 2017 General, Interventions, Natural Birth emilywills 16 min read

Preggie Pals: Episodes – Delivering a Breech Baby & 10 Pregnancy Questions You’re too Embarrassed to Ask

Why this podcast?
I recently discovered a whole bunch of pregnancy and birth podcasts. Preggie Pals was among them and at first glance, it looked like a fairly lighthearted, dare I say, fluffy, style of podcast. I wasn’t really sure that it would be my thing but this blog isn’t about me so I decided to take a closer look.

I have to say that I was quite surprised by the content of the episodes. Many explored more serious subjects than I was perhaps expecting. Intrigued, I went to the homepage to find out more.


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Healthy Births, Happy Babies: Episode 69 – What is Floating & How it Can Help During Pregnancy?

Why this podcast?
One of the reasons I like this podcast is not only for the vast array of information on everything from pregnancy, birth, the postpartum and parenting but also because it is hosted by a doctor but still has a focus on undisturbed birth.

Even if undisturbed birth is not your thing there is still a great choice of episodes to be found.

Episodes cover prenatal nutrition, hypnobirthing, postpartum recovery, raising a healthy family, tips for partners, vaccinations, depression, tongue tie and breastfeeding to name but a few.

At Least You Have a Healthy Baby

Mar 14th, 2017 General, Postpartum Depression emilywills 16 min read

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond: At Least You Have a Healthy Baby
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Why this podcast?
This podcast’s byline is –

”Bringing you the latest and ancient wisdom on maternity care and beyond and covering all things sacred women’s mysteries through news, interviews and great music.”

I think what struck me was the ”all things scared women’s mysteries”. I just love that. Oh, and, this podcast is not American! There’s nothing wrong with American podcasts of course, but there are so many of them that it’s not always easy to find one from another part of the world. Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond could not come from much further away, this podcast is brought to you from Byron Bay, Australia.

What??! My baby doesn’t come with a manual?

Mar 6th, 2017 Babies, General emilywills 13 min read

Pea in the Podcast: Caring for your Newborn

Why this podcast?
Well, the name, obviously!
How can anyone not want to listen to something called Pea in the Podcast?
Well, ok, maybe the name wasn’t the only reason I chose to feature this podcast.
I had heard a lot about it, all good things, and I was very interested to find out more. On the Pea in the Podcast homepage, I discovered that –

“Pea In The Podcast was created to provide pregnant women with important information including everything they need to know about their bodies and their babies.”

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