VBAC Resources

As well as offering doula support to VBAC parents, I wanted to put together a page of resources specifically aimed at families preparing to VBAC.

Below you will find a mix of evidence-based websites, blogs, articles and podcasts to support your VBAC journey.

For more general resources covering pregnancy, birth and postpartum, please click here.

Happy reading!

The VBAC Link
This is a fantastic resource for all things VBAC. From great, evidence-based blog posts that give you all the science and data surrounding VBAC to a podcast and even a self-paced, online VBAC preparation course.
I cannot recommend this resource highly enough.

ICAN stands for International Cesarean Awareness Network and is a non-profit organisation created to reduce the rates of preventable cesareans.

ICAN’s mission statement is –

”A reduction in the cesarean rate driven by women assuming responsibility for their healthcare by making evidence-based, risk appropriate childbirth decisions.”

VBAC Facts
Here you can find VBAC courses and informative blog posts to support your journey to VBAC.

Jen Kamel, the founder of VBAC Facts, states –

”Our mission is to neutralize the misinformation and confusion about VBAC so respectful, evidence based care is the foundation from which families grow.”

VBAC.com provides evidence-based information on VBAC and reducing the chances of a cesarean and is aimed at both parents and health care providers.

The VBAC Link

VBAC Babes

VBAC Homebirth Stories

Evidence-Based Birth: The Evidence on VBAC

The Birth Hour: There are quite a few pages of VBAC Birth Stories to choose from!
(I love Elizabeth Quinn’s story)

Birthful: Episode 12 – VBAC  &  Episode BS18 – Determined to VBAC

Healthy Births Happy Babies: Episode 006 – How to Prepare for a Successful VBAC

Articles & Studies
There are so many scientific studies out there regarding many different aspects of VBAC that it’s hard to know where to start.

I love this blog post because it answers all the most common questions that come up around VBAC and includes links to studies and resources so that you can read further if you wish.