Empowered Birth Prep Course

A birth preparation course designed by a doula……..for those with no doula!

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Who Is It For?
This one-to-one, virtual course will suit those who want to enter into their birth with knowledge, confidence and flexibility.

It is designed for the birthing person and birth partner to take together, but will also be valuable for those planning to birth alone.

If your aim is both an empowered and empowering birth experience, then this course is for you.

But! Don’t just take my word for it, here are some thoughts from couples who have taken the course.

The Concept
As a doula, I love the prenatal sessions I have with clients. 

I love seeing people really think about their birth and about all the decisions they make along the way. 

It inspires me to see people take the driver’s seat and start to ask questions, to look at what they do and do not want and to explore alternatives. 

It makes me want to hold prenatal sessions with all expecting families!

For many, however, hiring a doula is either not a part of their vision or is simply not feasible. 

But!! I wanted a way to reach more families. A way to support as many people as possible in having an empowered birth experience.

And that is where this course comes in.

The Course
I decided to take the ideas, discussion points, inside information, tips and evidence-based resources that I include in prenatal sessions, develop them and create this short, virtual course.

The Structure:
– Three live, virtual sessions (just you, your partner and I)

– The first two sessions are for us to cover all the course material and will each last about two hours.

– The third, shorter session will be held closer to your guess date and will be a chance for us to recap as well as discuss any concerns, thoughts or questions you have.

What’s Covered
We will cover a lot during this course, including:

Birth As a Concept
– Your associations with birth and your own experience of it.
– What you envision for your upcoming birth and what might be standing in the way of that vision.

Birth As A Process
– Birth as a transformational experience.
– Birth as a physiological process.
– Trusting your body.
– The importance of Oxytocin and feeling safe and calm in your birth environment.

Thoughts Around Labour and Birth
– Rethinking how we view the sensations of birth.
– Preparing mentally and emotionally to ride the waves.

The Stages of Labour & Birth
– Ways to recognise early and active labour.
– Tools and ideas for each stage including postpartum.
– Tips and things to think about for both the birthing person and partner.

An overview of common interventions (pro’s, cons and things to consider) including:
– Induction 
– Monitoring
– Cervical checks
– Breaking the waters
– Pitocin
– Epidural
– Cesarean

Tools For Labour
– Comfort measures and pain relief options.
– Tools to use at the hospital.
– Ideas for labour and birth positions.
– The importance of informed consent and how to ensure you make informed choices.

– What to expect in early and later postpartum.
– Breast/chest feeding.
– The emotional side of life with a newborn.

What’s Included:
– Three live, virtual sessions.

– Information, ideas and conversation to support you and your partner in having an empowered birth.

– A digital handout for each of the first two sessions with an overview of what we will cover, tips and things to think about.

– The one-to-one format allows for wider conversation around topics and ideas that are important to you.

– A follow-up email after each of the sessions with links to a mix of articles, blogs, podcast episodes and websites, to allow you to delve deeper into the topics we cover.

– The fantastic ‘’Your Birth Plan’’ PDF book from Vanessa Merten of the Pregnancy Podcast.

– Ocean Waves relaxation/visualisation recording.

– Fear release exercise.

Cost for regular course:
1875 kr

Cost for fast-track course:
1475 kr

Cost for materials only course:
495 kr

Materials only plus Fear Release:

Get in touch to register or if you have any questions.

More options!!

Fast Track
If you don’t feel you have time for all three sessions, this course is also available in a fast-track, two-session format.

Exactly what this means can be flexible according to your specific needs.

All of the handouts, emails, resources etc that are included in the regular course are also included in the fast-track option.

Materials Only
This is a great option for those who wish to prepare for their birth but are unsure where to begin.

All of the handouts, emails and resources that are included in the regular course are also included here and will give you a solid foundation from which to explore further.

What is not included are the one-to-one virtual sessions. If you would like to add the fear release exercise please let me know.

In-Person Course
If you are based in Stockholm and would like to have all or part of this course in-person, please get in touch for price details.

Postpartum Session For Course Participants
Sometimes our birth experiences go pretty much as we envisioned, sometimes there are some twists and turns along the way and sometimes, nothing is as we imagined.

No matter what kind of birth experience you had, it can be both helpful and healing to talk through your birth and your feelings surrounding it.

Because life with a newborn is already full, I offer both a one and a two hour postpartum session.

Two hours – 575 kr
One hour – 375 kr

*Because this course is designed to be delivered virtually it will also work well for those living outside of Sweden. For prices in other currencies, please get in touch.