Taking A Breastfeeding Class…..Before Your Baby Arrives?

All Things Breastfeeding Podcast – Taking a Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Why this podcast?
This podcast is part of a website called The Breastfeeding Center of Ann Arbor (BFCAA.com) which is a fantastic resource for everything relating to breastfeeding and includes links to blogs, youtube videos, apps and lots more.

It’s such a great resource that I am going ahead with this post even though, for some reason, I can no longer access the website. I am not the most tech savvy individual so I’m not sure if the problem is my end or the website end. If anyone knows what might be happening please let me know!

Fortunately, the podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher etc and has over forty episodes on all aspects of breastfeeding.

Why this episode?
I really liked that this (super short) episode talks about what is really the first step on the breastfeeding journey – a breastfeeding class during your pregnancy. It’s not something that everyone thinks of doing but this episode helps to explain why it can be important.

The episode
The host, Barbara Robertson, is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) with over seventeen years of experience helping mums and babies resolve breastfeeding issues. I love that at the beginning Barbara and her co-host point out that so many of us prepare and focus on the birth but don’t think too much about breastfeeding and the postpartum.

”Knowledge is power”

Breastfeeding is natural but it doesn’t always come easily and it’s a steep learning curve for both mum and baby.

”Knowing what is normal is going to help you understand…when things might be going wrong”

This, in turn, will, hopefully, encourage you to find support sooner rather than later.

This is one, huge reason why taking a prenatal breastfeeding class could be oh so helpful important.

What can I expect to be covered?
Barbara and Barb talk from the point of view of the classes that they run but looking for a class that includes these aspects is probably smart.

– How milk is made
– How to get off to a good start
– How often to feed
– How many wet nappies your baby should have
– How long a typical feed could last &
– What a typical feed could look like

To wrap up
Yes, this was a super short post about a super short episode but I feel it’s an important one.

As a doula, I know that birth preparation is vital but as a mum, I also know that there is a whole lot on the other side of that birth too.

Preparing as much as you can for breastfeeding and the fourth trimester in general, will get you off to a great start and, hopefully, remove a lot of the stress that can come with being responsible for a brand new person.

Did you take a prenatal breastfeeding class? What was your experience?

Until next time!

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Emily Wills is a doula based in Stockholm. She believes that birth can be a beautiful and empowering experience and started this blog as a way of sharing some really great podcasts. She is also a mother of three and an enthusiastic runner.

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